A Backpacker’s Guide to Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the most extravagant cities in the world, so before you embark on a trip down to the capital city of one of the most elite countries in the world, you should bear in mind that a vacation there might not be as cheap as you expect it to be.


Just like other cities in Europe, for travelers who want to spend less on accommodation; the best approach is to stay in hostels which would cost about €25 a bed. A different option for staying in Helsinki is Suomenlinna Hostel. It takes 20 minutes to reach Suomenlinna by a ferry ride from the Helsinki harbor. The islands are really quiet, but bear in mind that you’ll be lodging with school groups- you’ll have a spot assigned to you and you’ll share the house with young people.


Some prominent sites in Helsinki include Central Railway Station, the Jugendstil structures, Finlandia Hall, Academic Bookstore, Enso Gutzeit and Sibelius Monument.

Some of the museums offer sections you don’t have to pay for on specific days – the incredible Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Ateneum Art Museum are free on every first Wednesday of the month, while the National Museum of Finland is always free on every Tuesday evening.


Summer in Helsinki is always a wonderful period, but short. So, when you notice the sun sparkling, try some delightful snacks from Stockmann Deli, the Old Market Hall, and then head for Alppipuisto Park. You can as well splash up the sun sitting on the ventures of the Helsinki Cathedral or take a ferry cruise to Pihlajasaari Island.

We recently backpacked in Finland and Norway with some friends to celebrate our 5th year in business together (Chandler Towing and Recovery).  We we took a much needed vacation to Finland and Norway

Getting Around

Helsinki City Transport provides a day pass which is exclusive to the metro, buses, trams and the ferry to Suomenlinna for just €6.80 together with the €3.40 for every extra day. The best and least expensive means of enjoying Helsinki are tram 3B and 3T. The courses take about 1hour and pass the various beautiful sights in the city; if you have a one-day-pass, you can get on and off as you wish.

Discount Card

The Helsinki Discount Card offers free entry into museums, free passage to various attractions which also includes a visit to the zoo, free public transport, and discounts at shows, eateries and on a ferry to Tallinn.

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