Enjoying a Caribbean Cruise

When you step your foot on the ship, there are so many things to do and see, but you want to make sure you take advantage of your first few hours on the ship in order to have the best cruise ever. Here is a to-do list for when you get on a Caribbean Cruise.

Register your children for adventure ocean and the nursery

If you have your kids with you, you should sign them up for the Tots Nursery. Registering them on the embarkation day is pretty quick; it allows your kids to explore the facilities at Adventure Ocean.

You’ll find an Adventure Ocean table already set up on the ship to give you all necessary details about Adventure Ocean. If your child is less than 3 years old, he/she can be registered for the Nursery.

Explore the ship

Ensure you take your time to get yourself familiar with the ship you are on, and the best way to do this is to walk around and explore it. You’ll learn a lot when you observe the deck plans or read the Cruise Compass.

If you get yourself acclimatized with where everything is, it will make your Caribbean Cruise experience easier as you’ll spend less time locating everything. Also, you’ll most likely discover something amusing onboard.

Tour the spa

It’s always fun to explore the facilities available in the spa as well as fun things for you to do with your family. If you intend to book a spa treatment for a specific day and time, try to make an appointment before everything starts to book up. You can also sign up for a raffle; you might win a free spa treatment.

Go for a swim

One of the best times to swim is on the embarkation day because it is always open and most visitors don’t always consider swimming that day. If you have your swimsuits with you or you wear them before getting onboard, head straight to the pool and have fun in the uncrowded pool.

In addition to this list, there are more things to do like – have a cocktail, register for exercise classes, inspect your stateroom and have a meeting with your stateroom attendant etc.

With these things that we have itemized, you will certainly have a good time on a Caribbean Cruise, either going by yourself or with your family or loved one.

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