Top Local Foods You Need To Try On Your Trip to Malawi

A trip to Malawi is not complete without trying its delicious local food. The local food of Malawi has not been influenced by numerous different societies, and accordingly, it has stayed conventional. When you get to Malawi, you will find some ‘tuck shops’, small shops found in rural areas that sell a variety of snack foods. Here, you will find meat pies, sausage rolls, bunny chow (rolls that have been deep fried and stuffed with a mix of curry meat and potato mix.) Read on this blog and learn what Malawi has to offer when it comes to food. 

The Best Food to Eat in Malawi

• Chambo: A fish from Lake Malawi, Chambo is Tilapia fish and is viewed as a delicacy. Other most loved fish incorporate usipa, which is like sardines, and mpasa, which is like salmon. 

• Nsima: This is a staple of Malawi food. It is produced using ground corn and presented with side dishes of meat or vegetables. Individuals in Malawi can have this for breakfast, lunch and supper. 

• Kachumbari: This is a tomato and onion plate of mixed greens. 

• Nthochi: This is bread made with bananas. 

• Kondowde: This dish is produced using cassava flour and water and is eaten with fish 

Popular Drink in Malawi

Tea is the second biggest fare crop in Malawi and accordingly, it is of a staggeringly high caliber. It is prudent to drink filtered water when going through Malawi. Carlsberg is the most widely recognized brew in the nation, and Malawi gin and South African wines are mainstream. 

What You Should Know

Tipping isn’t normal, however is surely valued by staff.  So, don’t force yourself to tip if you don’t have extra money but if you do, feel free to be generous and share some blessings for staff with good courtesy. 

The Drinking Age in Malawi

The drinking age in Malawi is 18 years old and above. The reason why we are including this information is that you might want to party and find yourself outside of the bar if they find that you’re not 18 years old. Be careful of going to clubs and parties alone. It is always best to go in groups.

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